Infinite scrolling on homepage

Is there anyway to limit the number of posts appear on the homepage.

Is there anyway to do pagination?

Front end pagination is not supported on the main Topic Lists.

By default I believe only 20 Topics are shown in the infinite scroll initially

I don’t believe this can be changed with a setting, but you could build a plugin:

However, there’s a setting to control the number of Topics shown on the /categories page:


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What problem are you solving? Infinite scrolling is the norm on virtually every major platform.

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It is what I have been asked to do :grimacing:


I am pretty sure that the past decade no one who has been asked to make a paginated version has succeeded.

Here’s a recent response to a simillar request:

Here’s another such topic: Is pagination impossible or just hard? - #3 by merefield

Some popular sites that your company may have heard of that have adapted to infinite scrollling include Facebook, LinkedIn, and Most people who were using paginated forums have switched to Discourse.

If they really want pagination they should use different software.