Insert blockquote from composer toolbar

Usually, when you use the composer toolbar, the part you can customize is highlighted.
The image shows an example of text formatted to be blurred, surrounded by "" and "" tags, commonly used in online forums and discussion platforms to hide spoilers or sensitive content. (Captioned by AI) The image displays a text input area with the placeholder text "type or paste code here" between two lines of backticks indicating a space where one can insert code, commonly seen in markdown formatting or chat applications that support code snippets. (Captioned by AI) The image shows an example of how text can be marked for emphasis using asterisks before and after the phrase "emphasized text." (Captioned by AI) The image shows the phrase "strong text" enclosed in double asterisks against a blue background, which is commonly used to indicate bold formatting in markdown language. (Captioned by AI)

But when you insert a blockquote, not just Blockquote but also > is highlighted. So you likely accidentally delete it.
The image shows a graphical user interface element with the word "Blockquote" preceded by a right-pointing angle bracket, indicating a block quotation format for text. (Captioned by AI)


The list item ones also highlight everything.