Instagram Login? Possible/Done?

I’ve browsed a couple of topics regarding this.

This topic was solved that it doesn’t return e-mail which doesn’t really help:

Has anyone configured Instagram login for their forum? Is this possible? Is there a guide?

A massive part of my target audience is primarily on Instagram, so this would be considered essential for my forum. Thank you.

It’s just OAuth2.0, for which a plugin exists. You should start by reading their documentation:

Instagram Developer Documentation

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I don’t think a plugin is necessary, is it? Do I have to do this using Custom OAuth2?

If so, perhaps there should be a change on the existing result for Instagram logins in Admin settings, if the DD has changed.

A step-by-step guide would be helpful as this differs from other auths, as the topic in OP clearly states.

It is and yes. Instagram doesn’t send back an email address via the API so Discourse has nothing to key on. You’re starting from scratch here, I’m afraid.

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Thank you for the response.

Perhaps deprecate the Instagram section in Admin settings for logins to prevent users from being confused, then?

Yeah, that probably makes sense @codinghorror

I don’t know, maybe, I’m unsure why we ever added this if it never worked properly. What do you think @sam?

Wait, it should work fine without email, you still get to forget 1 password, which is awesome.

We would ask you for your email on first signup and then confirm it.

Also associate account should work.

Agree we should have some sort of official howto here like the other providers have.


@hawk maybe community team can take this as a writing-a-howto test, if we don’t like it after testing it in the process of writing the howto, we can pull it.


In regards to this, I’ve fiddled around with it a bit and it seems to work fine, at least in Sandbox Mode, contrary to what I’ve been told before, and contrary to what I was told in this thread. It did take a long time going across websites to find some help with the docs, as I’m not as tech-savvy as some.

The only difference I’ve come across compared to other authentications, is the same which is stated here:

When he says “convince” he means a Screencast, showing the ins-and-outs of what you intend to do. I sent in a 3 minute screencast showing the admin panel’s Instagram feature, the logging in, logging out, and the keys I generated in the Developer API for Instagram.

I have confirmed that although OAuth2 is the recognized standard, it is not required for this to work. I have an account, working, that has signed up, and logged in, with Instagram’s authentication as-is on Discourse, no OAuth2 or Plugin necessary.

That being said, no more than ten individuals can sign up, before Sandbox Mode locks itself. Once it is approved, it will leave Sandbox Mode, and go to “Live”.

Here is a pic of the page, showing status, on Instagram:

Why it is so difficult, I have no idea; as the OP’s thread states, it should be in line with FB’s, given FB owns IG, but I guess not. Screencast is required.


Thanks to @jennlevbird we now have a howto

We tested the process and confirm it is working.


Hi Sam, thanks so much for this update I appreciate your support. This is great.

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