Install discourse alongside WordPress in a dedicated server

I have asked a question earlier today about how to have multiple instances in a single server and what are the ideal configurations I need for the new server.

After hours of researching I have decided to use the dedicated server I already have in FastComet. The reason behind this decision is simply it has got a E5-2680 v3 @ 2.50GHz + 16gb of ram where I have installed few WordPress sites and it’s barely breaking a sweat.

My server is managed so I can have FastComet guys install the packages I want. What are the possibility to run discourse instances in this server? Is it possible to install docker containers on a optimized server for WordPress with nginx without having issues in the future?

Totally possible, Yet it needs some additional configuration over the vanilla install.

Definitely possible, I’m running a similar setup but Future is unpredictable so I can’t speak of anything happening there.


It’s possible. There is a guide here for getting Discourse running through another instance of nginx on the host:

And the rest of the WordPress sites on the server can continue to run as they currently are.


Thanks for the hope @itsbhanusharma and @Cameron_D.

I have already sent this guide to FastComet team. Technical team will reach out to me and let me know if there’s any issues, otherwise I will surely breakdown the process into parts and publish a guide here so other users can save themselves from spending hours and hours figuring out what to do.


In case there is anything that they can’t figure out, be sure to post it here, I may be able to help out with the way I configure my own instance.

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