Install Prometheus plugin + Prometheus on your server

The new Prometheus exporter plugin for Discourse makes Discourse spit out data that Prometheus can consume and then make cool graphs. Check out the description linked above, if you haven’t already.

That data doesn’t help much if you don’t have Prometheus installed. You can head over to to download, install, and configure the Prometheus, or, for $100 I will:

  • install the Prometheus plugin on your Discourse instance
  • Install Prometheus in a Docker container on your server
  • Configure Prometheus to read data from your Discourse

When that is done, you can point your browser to and start figuring out how to make the most of the data. If your site uses https, your browser will insist on using https for port 9090, so you’ll need to create a cname for your server or access it by the IP number.


I would recommend upping the price and also installing Grafana + Password + firewalling off prometheus with this dashboard:


I would recommend that too!

I’ll have to RTFM for a while to see just what all that means.

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