Installing discourse with nginx already running?

Hi there.

I have a Ubuntu VPS with nginx web server already running. I want to install Discourse on it. However, when I run the setup script it says that “Port 80 is already being used.” this guide tells me to modify app.yml. However, I don’t have that file. Am I missing something?

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If I remember correctly a trick is to stop nginx, run the install script, then modify the app.yml, adapt the nginx config, and restart it.

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Hmm. Good point. I’ll see about modifying discourse-setup so that it’ll either copy standalone.yml to app.yml for you, or at least offer a better hint!


According to the above, the problem can be solved

I think the thing to do is

 discourse-setup --skip-connection-test --skip-rebuild

To create the config file that you can then edit by hand and the run the rebuild.


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