Installing with Docker question (Software requirements)

I already have my discourse site on DigitalOcean. (Paid to install. :smile:)
But I am trying to install on my country’s VPS service. (DigitalOcean is pretty much slow in my country)

So I just bought new VPS, and I believe hardware requirements for Discourse are OK.
But I am not sure about Software Requirements: Postgres 9.1+, Redis 2.6+, Ruby 1.9.3+.
(I have no idea about Docker because I am not a programmer. I knows only basics about HTML, PHP, JS…)

The questions is… “Installing Discourse with Docker” means:

  1. I don’t have to install Postgres, Redis, and Ruby things (Docker will cover all the software required.)
  2. I should install Postgres, Redis, and Ruby first, then install Discourse with Docker.

So newbie’s question, help me please.

You only need to know if your server is Docker compatible. If you can control the OS make sure it is Ubuntu 14 lts x64 and you can simply follow our official install guide.

Thank you for answering me :smile:

Yes I selected Ubuntu 14.04 x64.
But I am not sure about Docker compatibility. How can I know that?
This VPS company doesn’t know what Docker is…

and do you mean I don’t have to install Postgres, Redis, and Ruby if I use Docker?

Correct, just follow the official install guide. You’re good. Come back if you have questions about the install guide, but otherwise, just begin and follow the guide…

Thank you !
I just got answer from the company and Docker is supported :smile: