Integrate placeholder forms inside reply templates

If I could add a suggestion for this component, our current use case is seen here in a bug reporting category:

I’m using a combo of this component and its sibling, Placeholder Forms, to allows users to pick components of a report and have that generate a block of text. Would love to be able to just hit the “Create new topic” button after filling out info with the placeholder forms and have the new post pull from what’s visible instead of only the raw =PLACEHOLDER_KEY=.

I hope I’m explaining this correctly. Like, once I fill out the placeholder forms and all the info is printed, I wish I could hit that button and have all what’s displayed here show up in the composer…

…instead of having the new post just show this.

In the Placeholder Forms topic, this post Placeholder Forms - #38 by Benjamin_D seems to describe a similar issue to what I’m having and they seemed to have created a custom solution which I’m not sure how I could replicate for my needs. I’m also unsure which thread I should post this in…or if what I’m asking for is even possible. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway this is a pretty cool system. Thanks!