Integration of Snap! Content

I would like to integrate this content as iframe or Onebox:

What needs to be done to achieve that?

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Add in the allowed iframe site setting and then you will be able to embed the URL into an iframe on posts:

 <iframe src=""></iframe>

You should also set width and height and other parameters

 <iframe src=""  width="xxx" height="xxx"></iframe>

How could I just overlook the iframe option in the settings? Thank You :wink:

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In your admin panel search for “iframe”.

Here <iframe>: The Inline Frame element - HTML: Hypertext Markup Language | MDN a quick guide to the attributes you can use inside the iframe tag on post

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Sorry, i found it before. I asked myself how i could have overlooked.

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It’s surprising just how useful the search feature of the site settings is. I almost never interact with system settings any other way. Even though you’d figured out it, it bears repeating for others with similar problems.


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