Interactive tables within posts

Hi community,

Are interactive tables supported within Discourse posts?

These tables have additional features such as sorting, filtering, search, pagination, etc. An example would be Tablepress but instead of a WP blog post, I would like to check if they can be inserted within a post on Discourse platform

My typical dataset has hundreds of entries, so having these advanced features will help my community with a much better UI when navigating the data presented in the tables


So you want an integrated relational database? That’s an interesting notion! Is your vision that it would be the same as discourse’s database, or entirely separate?

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…isn’t he just asking for jquery’s (“UI” is it?) tables j/s plugin?

Thanks Jay, it’s more of a UI like Craig mentioned

The table is inserted into a typical post, but instead of being static it has controls such as sort, search, filter within the table UI itself

This gives me hope. Are there existing plugins that will enable such interactive html tables?

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I don’t know about plugins for Discourse. But this is the javascript stuff I was imagining… Sortable | jQuery UI

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You mean like this?

I hacked a small theme component to add TableFilter.js to Discourse here:

You will want to add to your CSP script-src for it to work. This is just a proof-of-concept, but you can take it from here.