Inviting users to Discourse?

Hey! I’d appreciate input on how to invite users to join a group and participate in the discussion.
I’ve invited users by email and they never received the email. I’ve invited users via the link, and tried the link out myself, too, but when I click on it I just get the error “Your invite token is invalid. Please [contact staff]”

Sounds like the invite link expired or the invite link has been revoked.

Edit: Here is something that will help you explain invites

Thanks! Those are the steps I followed for email invites.

And when I tried using the link, I copied it, clicked on it and it was invalid instantly. There wasn’t really time for it to expire or be revoked. Maybe I didn’t have permissions to invite people? But I’m the only admin and I created the discussion board.

As an admin, you have full permissions. check for me in settings for force_https and see if that is enabled.

Where in Settings can I find that?

if you type it in the filter, it will show you


It say’s “No results found.”