iOS 16 web push notifications in 2023

As way of an additional test I just upgraded a different handset on a separate icloud account to the 16.4RC.

Enabling notifications within the PWA immediately generated the “Success! Notifications have been enabled” notification.

Looking in Safari’s experimental settings the Push API is not enabled, this setting has not been touched on this handset or on any other device associated with this icloud.

I can’t say I’d it was necessary back when Falco did it as they installed b1 and I only got on the beta bandwagon for b2.


The only issue I have with them is it seems to not buzz my Apple Watch, and sometimes it doesn’t come through at all. I’m not sure if that has to do with Discourse, but it’s probably not expected.

And that’s all I received. The rest have come from the Hub.

16.4 is out now. I was able to subscribe to push notifications here on Meta and on another Discourse-hosted forum, but only because I know how to A2HS.


I’ve been waiting a long time for this :crossed_fingers:

Just updated iOS to 16.4, re-added my forum to home screen, enabled notifications (and Discourse said congratulations they’re enabled), made sure all my iOS Focuses were turned off, sent myself a message from a second user account, and I’m still not seeing the push notification.

I’m pretty sure my Discourse forum was updated no longer than maybe a week ago but I’ll try to rebuild it and test it there.

Otherwise, any idea why I might not be seeing the badge on the app icon or a notification in the notification center?


Not just you!

Works great out of the box.

You only get notified if you’re offline/away from the site for (I believe) 5 minutes for PM or 10 minutes by default. So make sure you fulfill this criteria as well.


Is that consistent with Hub behaviour?

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It definitely feels like, both are just a PWA so it should be the same right?

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Hub isn’t a PWA, but yes I think the same logic applies.


Hub is a React Native based app that uses a Web View to expose each Discourse instance.


Ahh ok, is there any way to change this?

I can see why it wouldn’t send email notifications unless I’ve been away but for some reason, that doesn’t make as much sense to me for push notifications, especially with regards to chat, which is more immediate.

See Push notification time window mins can be double that time on how to change this, and how it can take longer in reality.


I’m running iOS 16.4, and I added Meta to my Home Screen. Notifications are allowed in the app settings on iOS (set to “immediate” delivery). I granted notifications in the app itself and got the immediate confirmation notification.

I’m not getting any notifications after a couple of hours of not being on the forum and getting email notifications.

In other words, I’m seeing the same as @merefield.

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@RGJ’s link links to a recent bug fix. The fix just went in today, and probably isn’t deployed yet.

Even when that fix goes live, there’s still a 10-minute push notification window, during which pushes don’t get set if you’ve visited the site in the last ten minutes; that’s a site-wide setting.

I’ve filed a feature request that this should be configurable.


I waited overnight, and I still didn’t get any notifications. It seems like something else is going on, right?

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It seems like what you’d need here are some more testing/debugging resources from Discourse.

For example, the only way to receive a test notification is to unsubscribe/subscribe from notifications, but if that works, and you’re still suspicious that other notifications aren’t going through, what can you do?

The obvious thing to do is to have another account DM you. But if you’re not careful, the DM might arrive during the push notification delay window, and, if it does, you’d have no way of knowing whether it did. (If you could at least configure/disable the push notification time window, you could turn it off (set it to 0) and test notifications that way.)

Is it possible for even an admin to check a log to find out why a particular notification didn’t go out?


I can’t find anything about notifications as an admin. Only about emails going out.

Also, this still isn’t working for me at all, even here on meta. Anybody else having better luck?

There is no UI for it at the moment.

I’ve been using Web Push notifications daily here on Meta since 2016 as my primary way to reply to stuff, so I can assure we are handling it on the Discourse side.

Were you notified of this reply?


It seems like as of recently it’s not coming through at all?

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How do push notifications relate to email notifications?

I’ve gotten a couple of notifications here.

But just this morning I tested with a friend sending me a PM here on Meta. I got the email right away, but no push notification at all.

Is email preventing push? Are they both sent at the same time? Are the delays set the same?

Edit: I did eventually get the notifications, about 5 minutes after I got the email.

Edit2: I tested chatting here, too, and I got a notification 8 minutes after somebody sent me the chat message. It seems like chat should be the place where immediate is the most desirable.