Let users configure their own push notification time window

push_notification_time_window is a site-wide setting; it’s 10 minutes by default.

Wait (n) minutes before sending push notification. Helps prevent push notifications from being sent to an active online user.

I think this should be a user preference, instead of a site-wide setting. Some users might prefer 0-minute window or 1-minute window (especially when they’re testing push notifications); others might prefer a 10 minute window, or an even longer window.


I worry though that it is hard to explain.

What is the precedence here in Slack/Discord/Teams etc?


Slack: click You (bottom right), Notifications, Notify Me on Mobile,


I support a user preference for this, there is precedent in the email notification preference:

With push notifications, the “never” option doesn’t make sense there, that should respect the existing toggle.

We’re also currently inconsistent between browser push notifications and native app push notifications:

  • browser push notifications respect the push_notification_time_window setting
  • DiscourseHub push notifications do not respect it, they get sent immediately