iOS app integration

I would like to integrate discourse with my iOS app. Are there a native iOS Discourse framework I could plug in? If not, do you have any suggestions on how others have done this?

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I would start with topics about the API in the how to category.

Is there anything about the above response that I can assist with @Matthew_Chung? The howto category has several topics documenting the use of the API.

thanks @codinghorror. i reposted in the how to section since the api section gave the impression it was focused on documentation.

maybe you can shed some light.

as far as i can tell, the data is available via a rest api, so if i wanted to integrate into my app with a native feel and not ask for re-login, i would have to build the ios ui myself and integrate with the api. right?

alternatively, i could embed discourse in a webview within my app which is far simpler but the user would have to log in twice, once to my app and once to discouse.

i’m really wanting to know because it’s not a small amount of work to build the ios uil layout to mimic the discourse pages. any thoughts you have jeff would be appreciated.

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Search here for ‘single sign on’. You’ll find that Discourse can be configured to share the user database with your application (via its backend), and trust your application to authenticate users. In this configuration, Discourse would never prompt the user to log in at all.


Also, I suggest changing the title of this topic, as it’s not about integration with iOS. Rather, it’s about integrating with an iOS-based application, which is significantly different.