Ios app not compatible anymore with 15.5


there seem to be a problem into the handling of safari into iOS 15.5
probably the new privacy policy of webkit included, anyway I don’t have time to debug it properly.
But here is a non exhaustive list where the app is not working anymore

and the forum of fedoraproject

the login system is working fine under edge for example into the same IOS version. So I guess the problem reside into the safari policies …

Neither Firefox 102.0 on macOS 12.4 not Safari on iPadOS 15.5 can find that site.

And I can’t find a fedoraproject forum on the Fairphone forums — but my eyes might be tired after watching the finish of TdF Stage 4 a few minutes ago — and the Discourse search can’t find it either. Nor can I find any obvious forums on

The pukka iPadOS app has no problem locating the fairphone forums.

I’m using Safari 15.5 every day for browsing Discourse forums and without any issues. Fairphone started loading really slow, but second time was faster, of course.

There is a typo — it should be

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