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There is a new feature request for Webkit. Lets see if there is some action there.


I’m fully aware of the design decisions that led to you refusing to budge on integrating with Tapatalk, for example, which would have allowed push notifications on iOS. I don’t blame you for that.

But let’s be completely clear about one thing, it’s not helpful to pretend as though I was demanding you provide the infrastructure necessary for push notifications on iOS. I wasn’t even requesting that. There are other ways of making it happen, which I assume you are aware of. I don’t know if any of them are truly workable technically or financially. I just know that your comment isn’t helpful.

I don’t use Discourse. I did for a short while a few years ago, and I gave back in the little ways I could.

Discourse will become a viable possibility for me to use the moment it stops treating iOS users as second-class citizens for less than $100/month or I can afford $100/month. You can whine all you want about how Apple does things a way you don’t like, but in the end my evaluation is not unfair.

This has the optics of the typical two-tier OSS package, where some important features in the software are locked behind a paywall. If you want to talk up how your software is free to shut me up, go ahead, but it rings a bit hollow when your decision about how to solve push notifications in your “free” software just happens to require people to pay you $100/month (at a minimum.)

OK, can you please back this up?


I already did. Tapatalk. And I also don’t see why you’re being so hostile. I already said that I don’t blame you for refusing to go that route.

Here’s another example:

I’ll also remind you before you say “Gotcha” and tear me apart for suggesting options that won’t work for some reason of what I said before that you didn’t quote: “I don’t know if any of them are truly workable technically or financially.”

Let me try my hand at answering from your perspective:

“Unfortunately, due to design decisions that we made early on and that we still find to be central to the usability of Discourse as a top-notch communications software package, combined with choices that Apple has made that continue to surprise us, we are sadly caught in a place where, for the time being, we cannot support iOS as well as we wish we could. Have you considered simply going with fetch instead of push on iOS? [But I wouldn’t suggest this if it is still not working consistently.] We will continue to do our best to make Discourse work well for every platform without compromising on the amazing features we already provide. We continue to hope that Apple will change their mind about push in mobile Safari, and in the meantime, if you have any ideas for how we could make push a reality for the rest of the Discourse community, we’d be happy to hear them and/or get code contributions! Here’s to hoping Discourse can meet your needs in the future. Cheers!”

For people who don’t have the resources to build their own app, discourse-chat-integration provides solutions for real-time group notifications:

On my own self-hosted forum, we use telegram to provide push notifications to users on mobile devices:


@jtbayly - I believe things may have started on the wrong foot here. The first sentence in your first post appears to put the blame on Discourse (the company), and that the issue is financial related (for the cost of our hosting). It’s hard to be friendly when the first post is accusatory.

There are details in previous topics about the Mobile App, but in short a decision was made to use the native push notification system for both major mobile operating systems. Both systems require that each site allowed to send a push notification be registered, which we do for the sites that we host. It’s not technically feasible to support every self-hosted site out there, as we don’t know all the URLs.

As per What if I want to white-label the Discourse Mobile apps? you can modify the open source app to suit your community. David shared a number of options that work as well, including the OneSignal push notification service. If you have an Apple iOS developer license it should also be possible to hook into Apple’s native push notification service too.


Yes, my comment is disbelieving that this is still the state of things. But it only sounds accusatory, because the optics are awful. I was under the impression that the only way I could get notification was to use your hosting company. I asked if that was true. The first answer I got was in the affirmative and finger-pointing at Apple. When I pointed out that other projects had managed to do this in a way that didn’t tie you to one provider, I got the dumb answer that every OSS company gives: “Roll your own.” All indications are that nobody has done it and I’d be starting from scratch. Ok. Thanks for that.

Turns out the first answer I was given was wrong. I’m not tied to one provider. There are various ways to get notifications on iOS, including some really creative ones that use other apps. Cool.

Seriously. Thanks @david

Sorry I need a break from this topic.


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I’m an admin of a new Discourse forum running on Digital Ocean. All’s working well so far as we prep to open our doors in a month or so.

The Discourse IOS app is working but seemingly with some quirks. And we just noticed the phrase in the App store description:

“for officially hosted discourse forums”

What should I tell my users to expect with their use of the Apps, both Android and IOS?

Primarily the native notification issue, other than that it will work as expected.


@codinghorror Is there any way to pay for iOS push notification functionality witha self hosted forum?

No, this is not possible. You’d need to use a paid Discourse specific hosting plan, either here or elsewhere.


If it’s a DO discourse droplet?

That is “self hosted” in this context.

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Hey @jtbayly I recently published a plugin for pushover that allows a user to sign up for push notifications over Pushover. Other push services could probably be added with not too much difficulty. Maybe this can help scratch your itch here.


Thanks for sharing that here. I had totally missed it.

have you found a successful path to receiving notifications while self hosting? if so, will you save me the trial and error by sharing your experiential knowledge? p please.

Yes, but it was unrelated to this thread. I simply downloaded a free app on my iPhone called Fig. On every other device, push notifications work out of the box. Hope that helps.