Is a unique user ID created for each user, how to access the variable

When a new user is created in discourse. Is there a unique ID given to it. If yes, how can I access this variable?

I need to be able to find the unique ID for example <%= %> - <<<<<< I have just made this up I have no idea if it is correct. I am just trying to give an example of the variable I need.

I need it for intercom live chat so that I can use it to identify a user even if they change there email.

Please help! :pray::pray::pray: Thank you

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Not sure where all areas it shows, but if you go to the admin panel → users → select the user, the URL will show the user ID for that specific user. e.g.


You could do it the other way and set a custom field. With the external in. The used id is the user son load, i believe.