Is anonymous posting by category possible?

I am new to Discourse and trying to understand the details and extent of anonymous posting functionality.

Is it possible to restrict posts to anonymous by category? We are looking to implement an “Ask an Expert” feature whereby users can ask licensed attorneys legal questions. Due to the sensitive nature of some of these questions we would like for all of these posts / questions to remain anonymous. We would like for any user (independent of trust level) asking these types of “ask an expert” questions to show up as anonymous (either by default or altogether). Can someone please point me in the right direction? Thanks!

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No, unfortunately it’s not possible to only allow anonymous posting in specific categories.

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Actually, I spoke too soon. I realized there is a way while answering another question.

When anonymous posting mode is enabled, a new anonymous user is created. This user automatically gets an account with a fake email address. The email address domain has anon prepended.

For example

You can use this domain to automatically assign anonymous users to a group (this is an option when creating a new group).

So you could create a new category and edit the permissions so that only that group of anonymous users can see/reply in it.


This should also be added to #howto along with Create a group for anonymous users


Thanks for the help!