Is it posible to get the post stream to return raw?

Hey there!

I’m trying to get the topic’s post stream with the raw content. I’ve only been able to get the raw content of a post by calling posts/<post_id>.json. If I try to call t/50/posts.json the posts do not contain the raw property. Neither does just getting the topic /t/50.json

Is there any way of getting a list of posts with their raw content? Or any plugin that would allow me to do this?

The issue is that if I do it one by one the Discourse API says I’ve done the action too much, and must wait for some amount of time before attempting to call it again. This is not ideal.


Sorry, I was taking a look at the discourse code and found that include_raw parameter could be passed in t/50/posts.json does the job!!!


One question though. Does the /t/:id/posts.json have a limit of posts it will list? It seems it only returns 20, is that hardcoded or can I specify the per_page property?

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