Is it possibe to run a container without nginx internally?

The container itself starts up an nginx server internally. It is running behind another nginx server (via the socketed template which all works great). However, I’d like to remove the middle nginx that is just eating resources and have my front end nginx connect directly to ruby. That should save resources (important - on a small server) and remove some (all be it tiny) latency.

Since google doesn’t seem to show anyone doing that (just 100s of tutorials on enabling the socketed version), I’m wondering if it is possible? I’m not a ruby or yml expert and a little mucking around with the template files to strip out nginx hasn’t yielded positive results but that is probably because I’ve missed things that depend on them. And the web template is what appears to start ruby itself…

So, is it possible to disable the internal nginx server and have my front end nginx connect directly to ruby’s port?


That’s not supported since we have a bunch of logic in the internal nginx.

It’s certainly doable, but since nginx is very lightweight, the process will be error prone, make upgrades painful, and completely custom, it’s not something we recommend.


Ok. I thought that it might be more tightly integrated than just proxying the http connections… Thanks for the quick reply.