Is it possible to add a 'Group' to a topic?

The ‘Add or Remove’ button in a given topic will allow for adding individual users, but it doesn’t seem as though a ‘Group’ can be added. Am I missing something here, or is it possible through another route?

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Hello and welcome @spj :slight_smile:

Do you mean for Personal Messages? If so, you should also be able to add a group as a recipient in the same way you would add an individual.

The group would need to have ‘who can message this group’ set on their group settings page first, which can be found at eg /g/community-moderators/manage/interaction


It might not impact your forum, but I sometimes had trouble adding a group to a PM because I didn’t see them in the recipient selector. They appear at low priority, at the very bottom of the selector, which isn’t tall enough, needed a scroll down.


I’m looking for the same, not for PMs (because se have a couple of trust levels without them enabled).

Thanks @JammyDodger! That was exactly what I needed!


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