Is it possible to create subsections or private areas?

I hope I can explain this right and please keep in mind I’m not an IT or real forum savvy person I took over a private forum for art discussions but the group is small and has become close.

I was on a forum as a member before and each topic category was on the main feed. So if you open the forum you’d see options to choose from, click the category you wanted and then could post and see threads directly related to that category. The forum I took over has every new thread on the main feed, regardless of the category selected.

Is there a way to make certain categories NOT show up on the main feed but rather be in its own locked type section?


If you mean: make a group, then select the category you want to be private go to…

Category settings ➡️ security make it so only that group can create / reply / see


I added a group but it’s not showing up in the category settings

Try refreshing the page