Is it possible to disable account self-deletion?

According to an earlier post:

Discourse allows users to self-delete their account when they have <X posts. Our issue is that we have payment functionality tied to forum account IDs and the Patreon plugin’s email linking, and we have users abusing the self-deletion functionality in order to redeem their paid functionality multiple times.

Can we disable account self-deletion, or alternately output a webhook when a user self-deletes their account so their data can be purged from our purchase processing service?

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delete user max post age

delete all posts max

Will these settings help you

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This seems to be for admins being able to delete accounts, not a user deleting their own ‘new’ account. :confused:


This is the second request I’ve seen for this, and I think it makes sense anyways so I’ll be the third. Can we schedule a setting here @eviltrout? For new user auto-deletion thresholds, I think there are two variables: account age in days and number of posts.


@riking can you add this one to your list too? Should be fairly straightforward.


The wonders of good code hygeine :smile:


The new setting


The maximum number of posts a user can have while allowing self-service account deletion. Set to -1 to disable self-service account deletion.