Is it possible to have a multi-line/longer text field in the signup form?

Sorry I don’t have a current installation to see for myself. I am planning to create a community that requires approval from a moderator to join. I’d like to have a custom field in the signup form where people can write a short note about themselves. Is this currently possible? If not please consider this as a feature request. Thank you!


It’s possible to add a custom field that allows users to input their own text on signup, the limit on length is very high so there shouldn’t be any technical issue with writing multiple sentences here, but it appears as a single-line input rather than a textarea… so it’s not the best experience.

Screenshot 2023-03-09 at 3.53.25 PM


This would be a good feature request.


I’m all for textarea custom fields instead of just single line text fields. We have some custom text fields that are intended to hold paragraphs worth of writing and it’s super awkward to fill them out when your cursor keeps scrolling to the right, making it so you can only see 100-200 characters of what you just wrote.


This would be pretty easy to achieve with the Custom Wizard Plugin. You can set a wizard to fire on signups, and have a tonne of control over the fields.

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