Is it possible to keep the votes history of a poll?


Is it possible to keep the votes history of a poll?

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  • I dont know
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If the votes history is kept somewhere, can you show it somehow?
Do I need a plugin for that?

(Tobias Eigen) #2

Take a look at this post:


So is it possible to somehow discover and present the below info from the poll I just created?

1/9/2017 12:25
Is it possible to keep the votes history of a poll?
0 “yes”, 0 “no”, 1 “I dont know”, 0 “other”

1/9/2017 12:45
Is it possible to keep the votes history of a poll?
1 “yes”, 0 “no”, 1 “I dont know”, 0 “other”


Could you please answer to me on that, because I dont understand the code of the link you provided.

(Jay Pfaffman) #4

You need to have the Data Explorer Plugin installed. Then you paste that query into Data Explorer.

Does that help?


It helps a lot. But there isnt a plugin which can do that. Correct?
Everytime I have to execute the sql query, then cut and paste the result somewhere.
This is the only way to do that, right?

(Daniela) #6

You don’t need to cut and paste. You can download the results as a csv file


Thats great.
But in case I want to present this information online in my site, and for every possible poll posted in the discussion, there isnt something ready , is it?
Is there a way to expose the query results to regular users?
I have to write the plugin for it, right?

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(Daniela) #8

Discourse now support markdown tables,so the simplest thing I would do at your place is to copy the results from your csv file here Markdown Tables generator - , generate a markdown table (no need to copy and paste single cells you can paste whole rows or columns), and then post it to a topic.


The problem is that I dont want to copy results from a csv file, then paste rows or columns to markdown, as an admin.
I want every regular user to be able to click a button nearby the poll, and watch the poll history,
Every regular user should be able to watch how the result of the poll changed in time.
Something like that:

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(Daniela) #10

This is a feature request.
In this case you can fork the official poll plugin and modify it to meet your requirements. If you do not know Ruby you can hire someone to do it for you by opening a topic in the #marketplace category.

(Jay Pfaffman) #11

Yes. You’ll need a plugin.

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May I ask you another question.
Is it possible to have a url that points directly to the poll result, instead of pointing to the message that contains the poll?

I can use the url that points to the message

But this does not show the poll result,

In order to see the results, I have to press the showresults button.

Is there a url that points directly to the results of the poll?

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #13

No it’s not currently possible. Polls are not intended to work within links - you have to visit the topic to interact with it.