Is it possible to manually create a new account on Wordpress, and then link to an existing Discourse account?

I use Discourse as SSO server.
I have several WP accounts that are already linked to a Discourse account.
I manually created a new account on WP for a friend, but I don’t see any button or field to link this account to an existing Discourse account. Is such a thing possible?

On our site we do the reverse. Wp is the sso provider, using the wp-discourse plugin. Discourse has been very clean at matching on email address so the accounts stay synced up. For example, we create staged accounts inviting people to join, and when they register on wp their accounts are matched and they get access to the message history.

No, as a WordPress admin, there isn’t a button that you can press to link a user’s account to Discourse. There is a link on the user’s profile page that the user can visit to link their own account to an existing Discourse account.

When using Discourse as the SSO provider for WordPress, the easiest way for Discourse users who do not yet exist on WordPress to create a WordPress account is for them to create the account by clicking on the Log in with Discourse link on the WordPress login page. This will create a new WordPress user and link their account to Discourse.