Is it possible to retry all failed webhook requests?

I had an issue on my side receiving the webhook requests and processing what I need. It was fixed but would be great If I could re-trigger all failed requests, instead of clicking one by one.
Is it possible for someway?


Hey Lucas,
Just to be sure, are you talking about the Redeliver button when you say “re-trigger” a request?

Yes, exactly this button.

But my question is if exists another way to reprocess many requests at the same time.

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I’m not aware of a built-in way. You can create a custom script that would do this:

  1. Through the API, get the list of the webhooks events at
    Where X is your webhook ID.

  2. The endpoint lists the 50 last events. Use the offset query parameter to go further in the list. For example:

  3. Loop through every returned event. For each event, do a POST request to
    Where XXX is the event’s ID.

  4. Because of the API rate limit, wait at least a few seconds between each API call.

Tested and working :+1:

And thanks @Lucas_Alves for learning me about the offset parameter :slight_smile:

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