Is it possible to schedule posts?

There are times when I’d like to write a topic ahead of time, but not have the post go live until a specific time and date in the future. Is this possible now, or is it on the roadmap?


It would be a nice feature to have. how about a plugin?

Once upon a time it was on @neil’s list:

If only we could get @neil to stop slacking off!

This is something we want to do, but low pri. Unlikely to make v1.


This is something that is a lot more likely to happen now that @eviltrout did all the hard work in v1.3 to make post queuing work (for approval of every new post by a new user, etc.)


Hey Jeff - that’s good news!

Regarding post scheduling, would this be something to look forward to as potential core functionality, or more as an opportunity to more easily write an add-on?

It is something we would need to schedule for a release.

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Just weighing in on some thoughts here.

I think this would be tremendously useful, particularly from a community growth perspective. Typically most communities need the same sort of time to build momentum as a habit (around 66 days), so regular topics with thoughtful topics are useful here. The key thing is knowing the URL of the future topic would be important so this could be combined with social media promotion and services like Buffer.


Hey this is one of those features I didn’t know I wanted but now I realise how incredibly useful it would be for setting up say a Q&A thread and have the URL ready ahead of time to set up on a URL shortener and queue up for a Facebook and Twitter post. So yeah would be ace if we could get this in a future release.


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