Is it possible to use the “New Topic” component outside of discourse forum?

Hello guys,
While I was browsing through some excel forums, I found this widget.

On TOP/middle of a content, there is this widget that allow people to ask some questions. In discourse terms, it allow people to create new topic (the question).

Use case1:
A user come to a blog , while reading the article in middle of somewhere , he click this widget and create conversation

Use case2: a CTA button on any online material I want, when people click > it direct them to discourse forum but also open the new topic input box. Basically Like a deeplinks in mobile app.

So this in many places, I can encourage people to initiate new topics and that helps the engagement

Correct me if am missing anything here! Thanks for advising on this.

There have been requests for this in the past, usually it’s to embed a reply box for blog comments and that kind of thing. AFAIK there’s no plan to create an ‘off discourse’ posting experience within core.

It is possible today to embed something on your site which begins a topic using either email or the API, but there are lots of rough edges and spam vectors, particularly if you aren’t validating the identity of the requestor.

Discourse doesn’t allow non-registered users to create topics, so that won’t work.

If you want to promote this to a website where most people have an account in the Discourse system, you can create a simple website and the form should use the GET action and send users to the new topic URL:


Thanks @Falco
It was a clear code and we tested in few places. Work smoothly

Also this solution has generated many ideas where we can just change the css and make it native > then pull lot of conversation to the platform .