Is there a way for members to see their own id?

A few of our members have asked about their user id. I know I can look it up via the admin dashboard, but I am wondering if there’s a practical way for them to.

Would there be any significant security risks by letting them see it?

I realize this may sound trivial, but our member numbers have significance within our community right now and this would help us tell our story.

Thank you!

From the user’s Activity page, view page source and find user_id.


See also and it contains this block:

users: [
id: 66759,
username: "OpenRavel",
name: "",
avatar_template: "/user_avatar/{size}/147922_2.png",
moderator: false,
admin: false

Why do users need to care about their internal database user id?

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You can add the User ID to every post with a simple customization:

<script type="text/discourse-plugin" version="0.5">
  api.decorateWidget('post-meta-data:after', dec => {
    return dec.rawHtml(`<div class="post-info user-id">User #${dec.attrs.user_id}</div>`);

You can preview it Discourse Theme Creator.
Yeah, it needs some CSS to not be so ugly


I don’t know why I know this but, back in the Day, Facebook IDs, like Discourse IDs, were assigned in order, so having a lower ID number was bragging rights on how soon you joined Facebook. At some point, they started making user IDs some random hash, so they were meaningless.

Is it too soon to swear fealty to our new overlord MD5? :tada:

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There is a minority within the fiber arts community right now who are being stereotyped and outcast as a result of a new policy from the major player in the space.

An explanation is below, spoiler-tagged for those here who would prefer to avoid those details.

Some surely may just want bragging rights as @pfaffman states, but others see significance in their user id as many of our members felt alone and afraid to speak up until they saw our site.

Their member number represents that there are others who understand how they feel and that they are not alone. In a situation where people are being marginalized, their user id has special meaning.


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