Is there a way to create a tag visible to mods only?

I’d like to create hidden collections of topics for internal use, then run queries in data explorer with using these collections.

For this to happen, I’ll need internal use only tags, which are not visible to the public.

Is it possible in Discourse?

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There is a staff tags setting you can make use of, that limit a tag to only be used by staff. And if that tag is only used in private categories, it would prevent others from seeing them. But I think that is as close as you’ll get with this.


Is there a reason not to just make hidden, admin-only categories?

If it is only used in Admin only categories, I think it would be…

Just confirmed it. We have a tag that is only used in restricted categories, and it doesn’t show for normal users on the tags page.

If you don’t mark it as Staff in Admin > Settings, they can theorectically create a topic with it.

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Yes - the topics are public :slight_smile:

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So the posts are public, but you want that they are connected to be private. From what @cpradio says, it sounds like hidden tags work only in hidden categories.

How about you reply as linked topic to a hidden category? That might not let your stats easily enough, though.

I get the feature request, there is no such feature at the moment.

You are asking for a whisper_staff_tags setting, it would be quite a lot of work to build.

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I was thinking it would be possible to still use the same tags, just add a bool flag, e.g. “Staff only”, false by default. But yeah I realise it is not a trivial improvement. Maybe one day… :slight_smile:

We run our community forum primarily to provide support for users of our software. It would be great if we could use the same private tags that our colleagues use in the support tickets they handle. This way we could make our reporting unified, regardless of the platform the requests arrive from.

Do you understand well that whisper_staff_tags would be the feature we need? Is it something you’d consider implementing in the future?

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Absolutely, a concept of hidden from public tags is on the roadmap, as is tagging private messages, we will get there


This is the case now!

Just create a tag group and limit tag visibility!