Unveiling Visibility Limitations in Tag Management

Earlier if I limited visibility of tag using tag-group and its group setting it hided topic too when that tag was in use. Now I realize that setting hides just tag itself and therefore is limiting just plain use of it.

Is that by design meaning that we can limit access to topics only at category level? Hopefully not, and that behaviour is just a glitch/bug, because then it forces to use categories even when it is not absolut necessary.

An example.

I have a category for topics how to use forum, basically helps. I don`t want to show AI bot topics to everybody because its use is limited, and I don’t need advertize it. And same thing with AI helper, but its use is limited differently than what AI bot has. So I need now third category — again, because I have zero need to show topics to those who doesn’t need and/or can’t use that knowledge. Earlier it was easy with tags and tag groups.

Sure, it can be an issue of some conflicts between components or plugins, but it doesn’t look such problem.

Or is this now another user error and I understood something very wrong?

I’m afraid the ‘who can see’ and ‘who can use’ tag group options have never had an effect on the topics they’re applied to, only the visibility and use of the tags themselves. So if you have a tag group that’s only usable and visible to admins, applying a tag from it will not block the topic from everyone else - but your non-admin members would not be able to see the tag you’d added to it.

You can add them to your default tags muted setting, though this just makes the topics a little more obscure to find rather than putting them behind a permission-style setup as we have with categories.

You are saying now that I don’t remember how my forum has worked? You can actually be very right :joy: Yes, it is possible that earlier I used restricted categories and when I moved toward more minimalistic category structure I’m now hallucinating those times and giving credits to tags.

That means one thing: I have to make a feature request. We need ability to do similar things with tags what we have on category level. By definition those two are ment to use to get same purpose but using different way.

And the reasons are

  • Discourse is couraging to use tags very much as categories but without limitations of categories
  • with wider use of tags we loose totally tools to limit visibility
  • at the end when categories are the only way to limit visibility we must actually work with a lot of overlapping categories and use even more overlapping tags

Now I have

  • general help category
  • sub-category for a group that can use AI bot
  • sub-category for a group that can use AI helper

Or otherwise I must increase noise using common category for every help-topics.

I’m not thrilled over my options.

Anyway, this topic is solved. Thanks.

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I think those limitations are the important difference. A topic can always only have 1 category, but it can have more than one tag. If tags manage visibility, will the topic be visible for users who can see all tags or one of the tags?

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Of course the most limiting limits. That is not actually a new thing. Several categories would be more difficult to handle — in every way.

But in that context there is no problems not to show a topic from more private categories using a public tag when searched by that tag?

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