Is there a way to edit <header> site wide in one place?

Hi, I noticed I can edit the header in each theme individually, but is there a way to edit it site wide in one place?

Like for adding the Facebook pixel, google tag manager, etc. I realize there’s a google tag manager plugin, but for the sake of this question I’m more interested in just editing the header in general and the best practices for doing that.



Unless I didn’t understand your request, you can create your own theme component and add it to all your themes.


Maybe I was asking wrong, but from what I can tell, the only place to edit the header aside from template edits is here:

But I’d essentially have to edit the header manually on every theme. If a site has a few dozen themes, it becomes cumbersome.

I was curious if there is a better way to edit the header globally where I only have to do it once.

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So my suggestion is the way to go.
In Customize, go in Components, create a new theme component, edit its </head> content, and in the component settings, add it to all themes.


Create a theme component. You can add it to all themes with a single click.


Thanks @Canapin and @pfaffman. I did not realize this was possible. This easily solves my problem!


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