Is there a way to globally suppress a category from mailing list mode?

I’m wondering if there is a way to suppress a category from mailing list mode.

There are a few categories that we are suppressing from the home page for noise concerns and I’d like to also prevent them from generating emails.

Is there currently any way to do that?

You could default that category to muted for new registrations and then set it historically to muted for all existing users.


Just confirming what @cpradio said years ago, default mute is the way to go.

In fact as time has passed I have grown to hate “hide from home page” and think this is a feature we should drop in favor of easier ways of applying default mute historically.

With default mute every user gets some level of fidelity, with hide from home page users have no control.


If this ever happens I have two clients who will probably walk away from discourse. Hiding posts in those categories for anonymous and logged in users was absolutely essential.

They have WordPress publishing stubs into discourse but have zero desire for said stubs to ever appear in latest.

The feature definitely has utility, but is obviously misused.

imo, default mute should apply to anon as well, that is simply an oversight in our current design.


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