Mute a category but don't hide it?

Hello all. One of our categories is called “For Sale” and we figured it would be annoying if people’s “latest activity” emails were inundated with for sale topics so I set it to Muted.

However, that seems to hide that category for logged in users which we don’t want to have happen.

Is this the intended behavior?

If so, Is there a way to prevent “For Sale” stuff from getting into emails without the side effect hiding the category like this?

So when you look at our forum when logged out, it looks like this:

But when you look at it when logged in, the “For Sale” category disappears:

See category settings and Suppress category from latest topics?


Thx @pfaffman for the reply. I’ve been looking at the settings but no dice getting it to do what we want. (Show the category but just don’t include stuff from it in emails.)

We’ve been using this “default categories muted” setting since we began using discourse and I’m 99% sure that it didn’t cause the categories to be hidden until recently.

As an example, we use this for the “For Sale” category on one of our forums and members used to post all the time there and now there’s no way for them to find that category. On our other forum, we use this setting for the “Site Feedback and Questions” category and members used to be able to see and post in that category just fine but now it’s hidden.

I also noticed that when you look at a user’s Notification preferences, the descriptive text under the Muted Categories mentions specifically that the categories will be hidden. I wonder if this is a relatively new behavior?

Hmm. I think that if you want stuff to show up on the site but be hidden from emails you’d need a plugin.

Though I haven’t paid close enough attention to be useful, I think that some stuff did change about categories and muting in the past few months, so it could be that something is behaving differently.