Is there a way to hide some text in a post?

possible to hide some part of a post ? only the author can see it when check the edit history.

have bbcode plug-in enabled, tried bbcode [hide] text [/hide], not supported.
other workaround ?


Not sure about hiding part of a post but depending on your usecase scenario, there is the whispers function. Also this plugin.

This sort of question has been asked:

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You can use comments.

[comment]: <> (This is a comment, it will not be included)

As html comment

your comment goes here
and here

I checked and the HTML comment is not rendered in cooked.


oh cool. I never thought of using HTML comments but of course that makes sense with edit history. :slight_smile: now I’m going to use that, thank Jay!

Do I miss something? An HTML comment is displayed in the raw view of the edit history.

So it doesn’t cover the “only the author can see it”, right?

The history is visible either by staff only, or by everyone:

Setting edit history visible to public: “Allow everyone to see previous versions of an edited post. When disabled, only staff members can view.”


Right!? Me neither, but for kicks, I decided to

And to my surprise, it was that easy.

Oops. True. And I bet you can also retrieve raw in a number of ways. In fact, even with a plugin, it would be quite difficult to have text that existed in raw, but was not visible to everyone.

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thanks @pfaffman
I worked around using [aname=...][/aname] :slight_smile:

Ok that was fun until Canapin ruined it with the obvious :laughing: I’m going to go drink more coffee and hide myself from posts.

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As @Canapin pointed out, it’ll still be visible in edit history or by retrieving the raw post.

If it’s good enough that it be hidden, you’re OK, but if you want it private, you’re out of luck.


that is true, that is good enough for my use case.


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