Is there a way to restrict/flag explicit videos automatically?

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So in a custom app for community where people engages by commenting, posting topics with pictures and videos. There is a plugin called “discourse image filter plugin” which restrict uploading explicit images. Is there anything similar for videos? Any plugin which can automatically restrict a user if the post contain any explicit video? Or any other solutions around it.
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How would the plugin know that I video was explicit?

I am not sure, How a plugin would work for video but can there be something like what discourse image filter plugin does by using Google Cloud Vision API to restrict uploading explicit images to the forum. Anything similar?

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It should not be too hard to extend the image filter plugin to handle videos.

Explicit Content Detection detects adult content in videos. Adult content is generally inappropriate for those under under 18 years of age and includes, but is not limited to, nudity, sexual activities, and pornography. Such content detected in cartoons or anime is also identified.

The response includes a bucketized likelihood value, from VERY_UNLIKELY to VERY_LIKELY .