Is there a way to retrieve information about deleted users?

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The company i work for need to access some information about deleted users so they can get in touch with them again and maybe bring them back to our forum.

Explaining a bit: what happened to us is that some users signed up to our forum but, somehow they missed(or they do not wanted) to activate their accounts. So the forum deleted those unactivated accounts. What we need is a way to access to those users emails so we can reach them out and try to bring them back.

Please, do not ask me why. It is my boss decision, so i need to ask you if there is a way to retrieve(maybe in JSON format) all the info about those deleted users or at least name and email.

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If you go to your site’s Admin / Logs / Staff Actions page and set the filter to ‘delete user’ , you should see a list of users that were deleted by the system:

You can click on the ‘show’ link to get some details about the deleted user. This screenshot is from my development site, so it’s not giving away any private information:


Since the user has been removed from the database, the id won’t be useful, but possibly the username or the name fields will give you the data that you need.


Thanks for quick reply as always!!! :pray:

Yes i know how to get there but what we need is the email that deleted users used to sign up to forum.

Is there a way to get those emails back…or that information was deleted from the database as well?


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I don’t think there is any way to recover the email address of a deleted user. Discourse handles deleting users differently than it handles deleting posts or topics. When a user is deleted, they are fully deleted from the database, when a post or topic is deleted it is only soft-deleted so it can be recovered at a later time.


Thanks for the reply Mr. Cossar! So it is not possible after all to recover email address from deleted users. No problem then. It was a blind shot anyways :slight_smile:

Thanks again!


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