Is there any reason why daily backups would see a reduction in size?

Yes totally, the site setting you are thinking of is include thumbnails in backups which is default off.


Every setting you have described already exists… browse through your site settings.

You people do know it’s a nightmare at times guessing what you call different stuff (even though settings searching is quite good actually)? :slight_smile:

What I was thinking of was automatic resizing of ANY image (recognized) to lower quality jpg (or whatever internal site choice).

Files/“png to jpg quality” might do that but is obscure. Png only? Way past my bedtime so I’m probably just thick tonight.

And while I’m at it, is there any guide like “top 100 settings you might want to change after setting up your first site - and why”?

Top 10? :smiley:

Hi all,
I just noticed a large reduction in my backup sizes this month with no notable changes on our end (as far as I can think). I’m just wondering if this is to be expected again, or should I be worried about something. @sam, are you aware of any change that would cause this? Here’s a screenshot demonstrating the approx ⅓rd reduction we’re seeing:


What version are you using? Are you storing uploads on S3 or locally?

My guess is that a cleanup job removed a bunch of uploaded files. I suggest you extract the files for 2019-07-03 and 2019-07-06 and create a diff. Is anything missing that shouldn’t be missing?


Thanks for getting back to me, apologies for not including obvious details like version. We’re on v2.3.1 +12 right now (stable channel, I think). 2019-07-03→2019-07-06 could’ve easily covered a period where we updated and some backup logic was changed. Uploads are stored locally (as our forum is pretty tiny as you can see).

Fab idea to look inside the backups. Here’s where the size difference presents itself:

% du -sh forum-190703/uploads/default/* | sort -h | tail -n 6
508K    forum-190703/uploads/default/25
780K    forum-190703/uploads/default/1
1.6M    forum-190703/uploads/default/avatars
2.9M    forum-190703/uploads/default/_optimized
86M     forum-190703/uploads/default/optimized
120M    forum-190703/uploads/default/original
% du -sh forum-190706/uploads/default/* | sort -h | tail -n 6
488K    forum-190706/uploads/default/103
508K    forum-190706/uploads/default/25
776K    forum-190706/uploads/default/1
1.6M    forum-190706/uploads/default/avatars
2.9M    forum-190706/uploads/default/_optimized
120M    forum-190706/uploads/default/original

So it’s the entire optimized directory that disappears. I’m assuming this is all intentional to save on backup size, especially after finding this commit, so all seems good. Thanks. :slight_smile: