Issue regarding Docker development image

It should absolutely be in the docker image, care to do a PR to add it :wink: this is just a fallback for the time being to unblock you


Sure thing! A quick question though. I have added libsqlite3-dev installation in the discourse_dev Dockerfile. However, to install the mailcatcher I can see two potential places; 1) in the above mentioned Dockerfile or 2) the Gemfile of the main discourse repo inside the development group. Which one would be your pick?

@sam, the following two PRs should do the trick.


@sam, I know you did not like the idea of adding mailcatcher dependency in the Gemfile of the main discourse repo and preferred to manually install it in the dev docker image. However, the fallback installation code from the bin/docker/mailcatcher of the main repo should go away. Would you like me to send a separate PR with just that change?


@sam, a new PR on its way.


Is anyone using the Docker image with an IDE like RubyMine?
I tried configuring the Docker image as remote SDK, but that’s really slow. And what’s the best way to configure remote debugging?

It looks like developing with Docker still doesn’t work without jumping through lots of hoops. I guess I’ll use my good, old Ubuntu VM with local rbenv a little longer.

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