Issues which could be possible


(@SenpaiMass) #1

Discourse hub sound really promising. But won’t it be an issue if the centralised system would be linked to an illegal discourse site.?
For example I create an illegal site which contains piracy material. which is based on a discourse forum. By having the centralised hub the discourse hub user id can login to my site and access the content.?
On a second note what will discourse do about an illegal site which is related to piracy / racism?

(omfg) #2

IMO Discourse should do nothing, because it’s not a world police.
Digital piracy and racism aren’t illegal everywhere.

But you should be able to ban, or maybe approve (easier?) anyone who wants to access your instance using global credentials.

(Nathaniel Mattocks) #3

Yeah, but they are in most places, especially piracy…

(Jeff Atwood) #4

The approach described is really identical to gravatar, except it pulls across more than just an avatar. So ask yourself, why doesn’t gravatar care about this? Same reasons.

(caue rego) #5

Your site shall be banned from where it is illegal @Alankrit_Choudh, the hub will continue to stream out data.

Technically, the hub will be doing basically the same as radio broadcasting. Anyone can pick up the signal, and the hub has nothing to do with how they use it.

Now, of course there is some back and forth communication, unlike the radio waves, but they are just handshaking needed to make such digital “broadcasting” possible, which is way more economical in terms of power needed to shout out signals. It’s like a radio station running in a single AAA battery and still able to reach the other side of the world - thanks to that technical handshake.

(omfg) #6

In most of those places admins can block pirates.
And before they do did they would need to consider which of their users might be in violation.

That isn’t an issue Discourse hub can or should deal with. There are courts and judges in every country. Of course Discourse could choose to act as global policeman, but why would anyone want to use such an unreliable system?

(Rick Cogley) #7

Governments and anti-piracy agencies apply massive amounts of money to combat piracy, so isn’t it wildly impractical to think discourse hub could do it?

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #8

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