Issues with search on meta

The above video displays two issues:

  1. When I hit search, it doesn’t load results, I have to refresh the page for results to load. This seems to be related to the accessibility theme.

  2. AI results cards are unclickable.


Hmm, yes. I can repro that on here too using the default theme.

Doesn’t seem to be an issue on

There doesn’t look like there’s anything in /logs

Seems to work fine in safe mode (plugins disabled)

It could be specific to AI plugin? My sandbox got updated to latest and it works fine (don’t have AI plugin there)


I have Ai bot on my forum and I upgraded like 4 hours ago — and search itself works fine.

It can be connected to AI search results, though.

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There are a lot of issues at the moment . I also reported a case where you have to refresh to get all the search results

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I’ve turned off ai embeddings semantic search enabled and it does seem to fix it for me. Can anyone else confirm?


The search button is still not working on mobile, I still have to refresh the page after entering the search query for the results to load.

EDIT: After reloading a few times, seach button is working now

AI results are not showing anymore.

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Thanks @itsbhanusharma for identifying these issues!

These should now be resolved :tada:

  1. FIX: Refresh page results to load
  2. FIX: AI result cards are unclickable

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