Javascript integration with current theme not working

Hi all,

We added the following Javascript code as a new theme component before the tag and whitelisted the domain to enable the live chat functionality:

    window.__lc = window.__lc || {};
    window.__lc.license = removed;
    ;(function(n,t,c){function i(n){return e._h?e._h.apply(null,n):e._q.push(n)}var e={_q:[],_h:null,_v:"2.0",on:function(){i(["on",])},once:function(){i(["once",])},off:function(){i(["off",])},get:function(){if(!e._h)throw new Error("[LiveChatWidget] You can't use getters before load.");return i(["get",])},call:function(){i(["call",])},init:function(){var n=t.createElement("script");n.async=!0,n.type="text/javascript",n.src="",t.head.appendChild(n)}};!n.__lc.asyncInit&&e.init(),n.LiveChatWidget=n.LiveChatWidget||e}(window,document,[].slice))

However, the chat icon does not appear using the javascript code. (it is working on a WordPress instance).

Did I miss a step to enable this external script?

Thanks for the help!

Hi, do you see any errors in the browser console?