Joining Container to Multiple Docker Networks

what is the ‘blessed by discourse’ method to use multiple docker networks? multiple --network invocations aren’t supported in docker run, so i don’t think i can specify multiple networks using docker_args.

i tunnel user requests to the edge via an --internal docker network, but having that as the only network causes launcher rebuild to fail since it needs internet. so i would want to have a wan network (i guess just for building?) and an internal tunnel network (real traffic).

do i really have to come up with something to docker network connect tunnel app after every build/start? can i have the discourse launcher do it?



Reading launcher there is neither any support for multiple networks nor any plugin / hook-machinery, which would allow implementing this outside of launcher in a way that would survive updates.

It would be interesting to learn, what minimal steps discourse would consider to adapt launcher to these needs, taking into account the deprecation of the (implemented but also unsupported) link feature.

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