jQuery(?) fade effect override

Hi, when you nav to a specific post, the UI highlights the DIV for a second. The problem is that I’ve changed the default background color of that div to white, which is now different from the site background color.

Can someone tell me how I can override the existing jQuery fade (which gently fades from the ‘flash’ color to the background color)? I want to change it to go from the ‘flash’ color to white. I looked in the code but haven’t been able to find this yet, so I’m not sure if I can override with a plugin or what.




It’s not a jQuery effect, but a pure CSS animation.

Here is the definition:

You can overwrite it with custom CSS in a theme.


Perfect, thanks!! No wonder I couldn’t find it in the templates, I wasn’t looking in the stylesheets folder. Dumb me :wink: