.json endpoint to receive array of arbitrary posts with a single request


Is there an .json endpoint that allows me to request an arbitrary collection of posts by id? I’m talking posts here, not topics.

For example posts.json?id=2,9,40,388,... etc etc.

Been looking through the code but couldn’t find it…

(It’s important that the response contains the full post bodies, so not only excerpts)

I don’t think so.

If you print a topic it will give you all of the posts. You can Reverse engineer the Discourse API to see what request that makes.

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Out of curiosity, what would be your use case? :slight_smile:


Building a proof-of-concept of a Discourse-powered shared-bookmarking system.

I’d do that in a plugin so you could create your own endpoint that returned /bookmarks/user/USERNAME or whatever you want.

Or even easier might be to just add to some serializer the bookmarks you want.

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I came to the exact same options! Thanks :slight_smile:

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