Just In Time notifications for common FAQ items

Continuing the discussion from Automated Signatures?:

Perhaps certain marked articles/categories (How-to) could get preferential treatment in linked categories. For example in the Support category, the most relevant How-tos could get a special pop-up like so:

For improved relevance hits, you could supplement the How-to article with a “common for these cases” questions similar to the ones you’ve frequently seen in Support already.


I think it makes more sense for “your topic is similar to” to

  • show categories
  • prefer certain categories

basically for it to get smarter long term rather than adding more “stuff” on top of it.


Ok phase 1 of smarter is in, unification with the pop up search. Thanks to @eviltrout’s hard work on this.

One thing that jumps to mind here @sam perhaps this could show slightly less matches and have a “more…” that kicks you into the new full page search based on the same search terms?

Sure, but what terms would it search for? Odds are it would come up blank