Just wondering, if this is possible ? @ send Topic

Can you send / Open a Topic by Clicking on an @ ? I know you can send a message.

@‘s are mentions for getting specific users (or a group) attention. to share a topic, simply click the time stamp that is top right corner of a post to bring up the copy/ share modal, or the link icon below the post. then you can send the link to whoever you like. To share a whole topic, click the share button at the topic footer:

click the blue copy square and it will turn green to show it’s been copied

note that Meta has this theme component installed, so the link at the bottom here is an immediate copy to clipboard, but default without the component will pop up the share modal.


Maybe you want Create new topic via URL and set tag or category


Yes , sorry. Should have said. In my Banner I have an @ & I would like it to open a Topic from there :~/ Is that Poss ?

Thank-You :smiley: I just used that one in that Link / Topic you suggested.

Is it only me confused by this question and answer?

How is opening the Composer via a link the solution to “opening a Topic”? (which suggests the Topic already exists)

And what is meant by “@ send” ing something? This is not clear to me at all. Am I missing some ‘lingo’? What is an example of @ sending on another platform?

Or could the question be phrased better?


I agree. I’m glad you managed to find a solution @SirSid, but if you could better articulate your issue I think it would be much more useful to anyone else who was searching for a similar solution in the future. :+1:


Yeah, thinking about it. Maybe , Can you , ‘Open a New Topic by Clicking on an @’ . Would that make more sense ?

I’m afraid it would not.

Have you got a screenshot of what you ultimately did to solve your issue? This may provide some context.

What is next to the ‘@’. @ what?

Why do you need an @ instead of a button?

Here you go :smiley:

Ok so thats going to confuse people imho (as it did here!!)

The normal expectation of clicking on an @mention on a Discourse forum would be to bring up the User Card for that user. (And btw that gives you the opportunity to send a PM to that user - this might make the user believe in your case the message will be private?)

Not only that an @ mention would normally also alert the user in question. (It probably doesn’t as part of a link but it’s still semantically different)

I think you need to lose the @ symbol and use a different way of presenting this. Maybe an emoji by the link instead? Or turn it into a post “button”? (An image that looks like a button wrapped in an anchor)

In any case, your use case is not an @ mention so I would avoid making it look similar.

If you want your users to have a consistent message on how your forum works it is best not to mix up presentation like this.

Just my 10 cents.


Ok, I’ll look into another way.
Thank-You :smiley:


yea clearly I misunderstood too.

@SirSid if you are unsure, it’s best to include the screenshot when you post the topic. good luck!


Here’s a quick example of one approach:

Welcome to my forums, I invite you to [share a personal introduction](https://forums.example.org/new-topic?title=My%20Introduction&body=Hello%20%40maiki%2C%20allow%20me%20to%20introduce%20myself...&category=intro&tags=intro-topic).

That renders as:

Welcome to my forums, I invite you to share a personal introduction.

The link will open a new topic in the “intro” category, tagged with “intro-topic”. The body of the message will start with “Hello @maiki, allow me to introduce myself…”.

That way you include a link to create a new topic, and be notified by either being mentioned, or via tracking the appropriate category or tag. :+1: