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:warning: This component is under active development and currently being tested on meta. Frequent changes will occur.

:information_source: Summary Adds a direct-copy button to the post menu actions.
:hammer_and_wrench: Repository GitHub - chapoi/discourse-post-direct-copy
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A small component that will copy the link of a post directly to your clipboard, circumventing the original share modal popup.

Replaced the share functionality with a direct copy functionality. Same icon, different action.

On click it shows a toast notification and a little checkmark on the copy button, to indicate the copy action happened.

:warning: Desktop only ā€“ mobile has native copy popup support.

Only the post menu button is impacted, the timestamp and topic share button remain the same.

Previous version changes
  • The previous version had similar functionality on mobile, but decided to drop this in favor of the native support.
  • It also had the option to keep the original share-modal button in the post menu actions, but removed that for now to avoid confusion and complexity. So in the latest version, you choose either type A or type B functionality.
  • The toasty was shown in the bottom right corner, but on large screens this was too far from the action, so moved it closer

just to clarify, i believe the existing share button is also optional to show in admin-settings under post menu? (which of course is the same as clicking the timestamp in top right corner of a post)


Indeed, you can completely remove any of these shortcuts, both outside and inside the wrench icon. :slight_smile:


Oh cool TIL.

Regardless, I still think having it disabled in the component by default is probably useful?


When signed out, only the copy button should appear. It would make the anonymous sharing process easier for logged out users and two copy buttons arent needed


Feedback from @darkpixlz

(it) the old share dialog.


Note @darkpixlz you can still get the dialog today by clicking the time :slight_smile: