Keep Rails 6 compatibility for "stable" version

Hi !
Changes in commit FEATURE: Allow excluding groups from leaderboards (#37) · discourse/discourse-gamification@ac393c7 · GitHub, file db/migrate/20220623182333_add_excluded_groups_to_leaderboards.rb breaks when upgrading on a “stable” Discourse install.

It happened previously in calendar plugin and fixed by this commit : FIX: Stable core still needs a 6.1 migration (#285) · discourse/discourse-calendar@259f7bf · GitHub

Could you bring back compatibility please ?

By the way, i did not see any branch or tag for plugins. Would it be nice to get a “stable” version of plugins like for Discourse ?

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There is .discourse-compatibility and when that is not honored we at Communiteq keep a large amount of working forks for stable on


discourse-gamification is a very new plugin, we do not expect to support it on the stable version of discourse. The first officially supported stable version will be on the next release of Discourse.

That said @Falco I have been using ActiveRecord::Migration[6.0] in a few places for easy cross compatibility.

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Otherwise i suppose i can give a git ref on my app.yaml file to pin a precise commit of the plugin no ?

Yes, any normal git command or flag will work there.


Didn’t find a convenient git command to do this but this below in container config did the trick :

    - exec:
        cd: $home/plugins
          - git clone && cd discourse-gamification && git checkout 48b2decfbefda6044953ca0413e45ca3cc18b156
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Is this commit bringing back compatibility for “stable” version ?

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I believe so, but perhaps @hyphalos can confirm it’s working for them?

I confirm : I updated to the latest commit while in “stable” discourse branch and it is good now